Will these Fat Boys fit my bike?

One of the questions we get asked most often is “will your wheels fit my bike?”

The answer for most recent era road race bikes is usually yes. Since we launched the DM8s at the start of 2016, very few bikes have presented a problem.

Some are tighter than others - but if your bike already runs 25mm tyres on a lesser rim without any contact issues between frame/fork and tyre, then you’ll most likely be able to run at least a modern 23mm tyre on your new DM8s. And with almost all modern tyres sold as 23s these days actually measuring 25mm wide on a DM8 rim, you can enjoy all the benefits of riding low pressures with insane grip levels, supreme comfort and effortless speed whilst saving the extra rotational weight of a typical 25mm tyre.

Take a look at these bikes owned by Stephen Cox: a 2004 Litespeed Ultimate, and a mid-90s Coppi. Steve’s Elite Series RS-58 Fat Boys slot home comfortably in both, and you can see what he thinks about them below.

Hi Drew, my new DM8s are superb, as you said they'd be... Ran with 60 and 80 psi for a floaty ride over my regular route with some rough surfaces. It was quite gusty but no issues with stability. Looking forward to some free riding in groups as they roll great. These wheels also make my 20 year old rebuilt Coppi ride and look great. I could be back for more. Many thanks Steve