If you can’t make it to the SIC Speed Shop in person, we have good news! You can now check out the incredible value, entirely hand built K2 wheel range at a bike store closer to you.

If you’re in the Kent, East Sussex or Surrey area Cycle Ops in Tonbridge are now stocking K2. 

Closer to Coventry or Leamington Spa? Then visit Coventry Cycle Centre. And if you ask nicely they’ll even let you take a pair of K2 X Series demo wheels out on test. 

Of course if you’re in London Feb 13-16 then come and see the entire range on show at the ExCel London Bike Show. You’ll find R series wheels on Ceepo bikes at Velosport’s booth, and you can see the entire K2 range at Speed Shop Live LB634 where you can also ask the bikers who build from SIC just how and why they do it.

More UK dealer news to follow including a full listing.  Just as soon as we get back from London Bike Show that is.