Dark Matter Carbon Brake Pad 4 Set – Shimano / SRAM


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Keep your carbon cool with Dark Matter

With the Dark Matter carbon-specific pad formulation we’ve addressed the main downside of carbon rims: their inherent inability to deal with massive heat inputs.

Utilising proprietary hybrid-ceramic copolymer technologies, Dark Matter pads deliver huge stopping power and greater control with low noise and a much lower pad to rim temperature gradient than regular, lesser carbon pad compounds.

Especially recommended for use on carbon wheels in alpine and hilly terrain, or where repeated heavy and / or long-duration braking is required.

This formulation is medium wear for medium to long lifespan.  If you require more aggressive braking without killing your carbon rims, choose our DM+ pad.

Shimano / SRAM type calliper fit only.  Also available in Campag fit

Set of four pads – 2 left, 2 right.

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