SPN Precision 11 Speed Freehub – Shimano SRAM


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Replacement 11 speed freehub for R50/ R50SL / R55 SPN rear hub

Shimano / SRAM compatible replacement freehub to convert older generation Spin Cycle Works R50 rear hubs all the way up to 11.

Spins on a pair of double sealed precision premium stainless steel bearings. Hardened steel spline inserts prevent your cassette biting into the freehub body, making cog removal and replacement much easier.

HyperDrive 48-point 6-pawl engagement system.

Backwards compatible with Shimano / SRAM 8-9-10 and modern day 11 speed cassettes.

Fits R50, R50SL, R50Sla and R55 rear hubs.

Not compatible with our older and now discontinued R62 rear hub. Pro tip: if your SPN or Spin Cycle Works hub does not look like any of those in our hub section, then it’s most probably either not one of ours or its our origiinal deep flange R62 model

R50 / R50SL / R55 hub not included.

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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 10 cm