The great thing about is when they test a product, they do a pretty thorough job. And at the extreme, they like to test bike stuff to destruction.

Tech Ed. Dave Arthur did just that, by racing on my wheels and crashing into a motorbike outrider, all on the very same day. Same ride in fact. 

Luckily Dave was able to peel himself off the tarmac, but due the immense speed he rides at he was expecting some seriously bent wheels. But the wheels simply spun back up as good as new, so he carried on riding them in many different bikes, on the road and on gravel. 

Finally we did eventually manage to prise them back and we slotted them straight into our precision truing rigs to check on the damage.  Dave was right – both front and rear were still within 0.25mm of lateral and radial tolerance. That’s a quarter of one millimetre. Better by far we reckon than most wheels manage factory fresh.

Head over to to read the whole in-depth review or check out the snippets we’ve reproduced below. Or just go straight here and we’ll build you a brand new pair all of your own.