Don’t Panic!

spincycleworks & spinmyride .coms now Ride Full Gas!

Hey there, brothers and sisters of the road and track. Welcome to Spin Industries’ brand new Speed Shop. If you landed here because you searched for spinmyride or spincycleworks on t’ web then Don’t Panic! You’re in the right place and we’re really ever so glad that you’ve found us again. We thought we’d lost you there, and we admit, for a minute or two we were worried. But we always knew you’d make it back on.

Here’s what happened whilst you were off the back.  Our old websites & have now officially hung up their wheels. To be honest it’s not a bad thing as they couldn’t keep up with the paceline these days.

We’ve been ruthless and replaced two websites with this single, brand spanking new one that is now the one stop shop for all things Spin. Whether you’re looking for news, reviews, blogs, or events, or you’ve decided to convert your cash into our bikes, wheels & parts, you’ll find everything you need right here on this one handy website.  We do hope that the new site will prove easier on the eye if not your wallet!  

As you’ve no doubt already worked out, we’re much better at making bike stuff than we are at building websites, so at this time (Christmas 2013) not all our bikes, wheels and parts are listed here yet.  We’re working on it, naturally, but if there’s something you desperately want, you know we make, but you can’t find it here, then just drop us a line via the contact form or give us a call on the number up top and we’d be delighted to assist you personally. That’s of course if we’re not too busy taste testing Belgian beers (officially our preferred recovery drink) or mulling the wine (I am writing this at Christmas time you know. If you’re reading this some time later, rest assured that normal service will have resumed.)

We also have grand plans aplenty for new content and exciting announcements in the coming months but as we’re always mostly occupied with the business of making cool stuff like bikes and wheels, we’ll just keep slogging away into the wee hours of the night trying to get ridefullgas fully loaded.

In the meantime thanks for your patience and for staying interested in what we do.  We hope to see you out on the road.

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