Great ingredients are only the start. Every great recipe requires they’re brought together in the best way, and then there’s…

The Craft

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this series, I believe that the build is as important
as the components. 

So for this reason, we don’t sub out our builds to a mass production factory
to save a few bucks like a lot of the big-name and most of the not-so-big name
wheel brands do. That would mean we’d have to stock wheels pre-built for the
mass market. And that means wheels made not especially for you, but
wheels made full of compromise.

Besides, we don’t even stock wheels. Instead we precision hand build every
single one, be it alloy or carbon, and from start to finish. 

And we only
build your wheels when you, who after all is the single most important person in the
entire chain, have given us your blessing to do so. 

If you choose to tell
us about your ride style, weight, power and any concerns or particular
requirements you may have, it means that we can advise you on the most appropriate
wheels for your needs, and only then build your wheels accordingly. 

They’ll be one
of a kind wheels, built and tuned to perfection and only for you.  We believe they’ll be the best, fastest and most robust wheels you’re ever
likely to spin on.