Spin On These Fast Carbon Wheels

Because life's too short for slow boring bikes, uncomfortable rides and zero grip. Why not spin on these Fat Boys instead to upgrade your ride with effortless speed, gut wrenching all-weather adhesion and truly sublime comfort over every rut & bump on road or trail. But there's more to these Fat Boys and the people who make 'em. You see, every wheel we produce is precision hand crafted in the UK specifically for just one rider - and that rider is YOU. It means wheels that are uniquely engineered with your requirements in mind, made to deliver the ride of your life. Then there's our pricing - Maker to Rider Direct. Which means never paying extra for other dudes to sit in between and add their cut. But it also means we're directly on hand whenever you need help or advice, any time before or after purchase. And who better to deliver support and answer your needs than the people who actually made your wheels? If you've never heard of Spin On These before, scroll down to find bike riders like you, already spinning up their Fat Boys, winning races and enjoying their rides like never before. Life's short and you deserve to enjoy your ride. The only question is: what are you waiting for?

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Tucci Says: Ride Hard ...or ride home!

These Fat Boys just got a whole new look*

Give a pair of Fat Boys the home they deserve - slotted in your bike. Effortless speed, gut wrenching all-weather grip and sublime all-day comfort are just a click away. Precision made just for you. *Other looks also available

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Thanks to all the fast boys & girls who sailed their #FatBoys through the deluge on race day. But here’s some fun in the sun kicking off at Herne Hill the day before the rain came to town. Click through for more terrific images from Caro


Are these the fastest bike wheels?! Huge thanks to Drew from SPIN for kitting me out before London-Paris on Thursday. It's gonna be an awesome ride! Worth checking out at spinonthese.com twitter.com/francis_cade instagram.com/francisccade facebook.com/franccade Donate to The PaceCentre, a school for children with motor disorders: justgiving.com/fundraising/107for107 Music by: I started filming stuff in April 2016.

How We Make 'Em 2018 - Fat Boy Revolution Series Bike Wheels

If you're interested to learn more about the way I make my wheels then this is the episode for you. But please be warned - it's a long one. And that's because there's actually a great deal that goes into making great wheels - and I believe it's one of the key differences between simply making ordinary wheels, and making instead simply extraordinary wheels.

Red Hook Milan - Track Standin' With King Stud!

Cruising the streets of Milan with this cool dude. We're always delighted to bump into the one and only Mr Trinistud, Track Stand King of Europe and whilst we were hanging out at Red Hook Crit Milano, who should come spinning in to view but the man himself.

Red Hook Crit Milan 2018 - Interview with race winner Rachele Barbieri #rhcm9

Rachele Barbieri rode her Spin On These Fat Boys to a thrilling and impressive victory at Red Hook Crit Milano No 9 #rhcm9 We dropped in to Redhook Milano to catch up with friends old and new, but we thought, hey whilst we're here we might just as well win the race.

Red Hook Milan 2018 - Margaux Vigie

We caught up with powerhouse racer Margaux Vigie at RHC Milan where a top ten finish earned her the 2018 Series runner up spot. We reckon it can't be much longer before Margaux starts taking serial Red Hook Crit wins and the series title too, as her rate of progress racing the fixed crit scene has been phenomenal to witness.