Spin On These! Fast Carbon Bike Wheels

Life's too short to waste riding dull boring wheels. So Fat Boy Rim gives you the lot: Effortless speed. Gut wrenching grip. And truly sublime ride comfort. Spin On These and enjoy more dash for your cash & more smile per mile. Every Fat Boy is precision crafted by me with just one rider in mind: You!

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Thanks to all the fast boys & girls who sailed their #FatBoys through the deluge on race day. But here’s some fun in the sun kicking off at Herne Hill the day before the rain came to town. Click through for more terrific images from Caro


Are these the fastest bike wheels?! Huge thanks to Drew from SPIN for kitting me out before London-Paris on Thursday. It's gonna be an awesome ride! Worth checking out at spinonthese.com twitter.com/francis_cade instagram.com/francisccade facebook.com/franccade Donate to The PaceCentre, a school for children with motor disorders: justgiving.com/fundraising/107for107 Music by: I started filming stuff in April 2016.

Hinterlands | A fixed gear cycling film shot in Dartmoor, UK

Dave and I are lucky enough to live between the moors and the sea so we went for a pedal in our backyard, Dartmoor. NEW VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, it really helps !

We thought it would be fun to check in with our old pal Simon who manages to get faster and faster (seemingly without any effort) to see if he was prepared to spill the beans on how he manages it all.

Pete's RS-45 Fat Boys

Pete's other Fat Boys, the RS-58s

Unbelievable wheels !!!!!! Just absurdly good. Dunno how you do it. I will be raving about your wheels forever. Never ridden wheels like it ....

Just smashed a few miles out on the 45's. Descend like nothing I have ridden… Pete Tiley

Thanks for riding Pete!

Jorge's Speed Metal Custom checks out the Panama Canal

Jorge Herrera

Postcard from the Panama Canal

The ride is amazing and I feel perfect on the bike. The quality of the ride is so nice that the F8 is now on the sidelines. Thanks for everything. Cheers Jorge