Founded in 007

  • After a lifetime riding bikes made by other people, and endless tinkering to make them better, I finally thought “what could be so hard”? So I decided to make my own.

Make my own bike

  • In the shed I made a couple titanium frames and alloy wheel sets for me and the missus, and another for an old mate. They weren’t actually terrible so thought I’d stick a photo on eBay to see if anyone else might like one.

Somebody liked it

  • Amazingly after a couple of weeks, the first frame was sold to a real customer! So I made some more and Spin Industries was born.
2007 - 2012

Not yet Rock but starting to Roll

  • Wheels & hubs quickly became our big sellers. Then our titanium frames got noticed by the UK bike press.

Run Run Run

  • Great reviews soon appeared in UK best selling magazine Cycling Plus, Pro Cycling magazine, and on road.cc
  • But then, Cycling Weekly decided they didn’t like us upstarts and took us down with a shoddy piece of journalism posing as a review…

Cycle Killer

  • Told their readers our handbuilt sub 1450g £299 /pr wheels on 30mm aero niobium rims were “heavy & plodding” without bothering to state any facts: like the actual weight. Hmmm,… in fact, they hated ’em so much that they kept ’em. Ouch!

Welcome to Bike Game

  • Wasted big £££’s on bike shows. A man walked onto my stand and deeply affronted, asked me “Who Da Ffff…?!?  Never heard of you…” to which I could only think to reply, Err, I ain’t heard of you either. Welcome to my bike stuff!  (see our FAQs for more real fun)
2013 - present

Race Time

  • Started Spin Rotor Racing team with Jamie Scott and Robin Corder. As full bike sponsor, got very expensive very quickly and didn’t win any races. But then…

Lewis Askey & Ide Schelling

  • Made fast fat wheels for these young dudes, between them winning Junior Amstel Gold, Paris-Roubaix & countless GB & Dutch national titles. Ide rode the Fat Boys to 7th at the Mens World Road Race Champs before turning pro with SEG.

Fat Boy Rim

  • After extensive fun I mean testing, realised wide profile clinchers were faster with less faff than the racer’s fave, the tub. Ditched tubular wheels to concentrate on the world’s first Wide Boys, evolving over the next few years to the full widescreen experience and today’s Fat Boys.

Red Hook Crit Champions

  • With team IRD, Fat Boys became the final Red Hook Crit Series Team Champions. Also took the win in the final Red Hook Milano – Rachele Barbieri pushing the pedals exceedingly quickly

Fast Fat Boys! These Fat Boys are faster then my Enve 3.4 with DT Swiss 180 hubs. Over my 19 miles it beat my best time by 4 seconds.

- John J on his Black Lightning 58s -

Hi Drew, Wheels are still awesome. They have 10s of thousands of miles on them now and still true.

- Ali M via email in July 2020, about his DM8 Original Fat Boys, purchased 2016 -

I’m blown away by these wheels. Can only compare them to my Roval CLX 40s but they're so much nicer & much stiffer. But it’s the ride quality that really stands out. just lovely. Transformed the bike.

- Simon G on his Black Lightning 58s -

What more do you want from a wheelset? They look great, ride amazing, fast, light and great value for money.

- Dean K on his Black Lightning 58s -

Great service as usual. Freehub turned up in a timely manner and after double checking install with Drew I had it fitted and bike rolling again in no time. Done 1,000km+ since on the road and all is well 🙂

- Phillip A -