We gave up chasing reviews from the mainstream bike press and usual online suspects a very long while back when we decided we’d had enough of paying the quid pro quo – if you don’t buy lots of their very expensive advertising, then you’re lucky if you can get away with just being damned with faint praise.    

Instead, we chose to focus entirely on the only reviewer who matters – you! The super cool guys & gals who ride our wheels across the planet day in day out. All our customer reviews are here.

One man’s dream bike “realised through the brilliance of Spin”

That was the headline for an article by our customer Rob Atkins in Portsmouth’s The News. Here’s an excerpt:

“When a pal asked whether I was going to get the wheels for my new bike hand built or off the shelf, I laughed. The idea of having something customised is a special one. However, the general consensus is it will come with a hefty price tag and a long wait.

“But Spin Industries dispelled that myth by finishing off my new bike with stunning, hand-built hoops at a fraction of the price of their mass-produced, factory-dwelling rivals.

“I can’t remember the last time something was custom made for me, aside from the odd birthday card from the wife. And the chance to pick the brains of a master craftsman, hatch a grand plan and then set him to work seems like an impossible dream in the modern world…

Read Rob’s full story and see his stunning project bike in The News here

The original Fat Boys made road.cc’s pick of the very best wheels – Wheel Buyers Guide November 2015

road.cc’s John Stevenson said our Dark Energy carbon Fat Boys deliver “bags of speed with a fat rim profile reminiscent of a Zipp or Enve but at a fraction of the price… making them an ideal upgrade for anyone looking to invest in their first deep section carbon wheels.

“With the 45mm rims, they weigh 1465g per pair. That’s a very competitive weight, certainly for the price. You won’t get much lighter unless you’re prepared to spend quite a lot more money. Braking with the supplied Dark Matter brake blocks was excellent.”