Speed Metal Quick Release Skewers 103g/pr


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Steel is real

These Speed Metal Quick Silver QRs are simply the right stuff.

They may not be the lightest or even the prettiest QRs around, but when it comes to securing your wheels, QRs with heavier steel axles are the only real deal in town. So chuck those itsy-bitsy lightweight skewers and ride like the pros with these heavy duty no-nonsense Spindustrial strength QRs.

Obviously, if you’re the kind of rider who prefers comparing spindly 10g prettified parts in the cafe over pounding the pave, these QRs might not be for you. But if you just need your wheels to deliver massive speed and precision, mile after mile after mile, then you can Spin On These.

Super stiff solid steel axles lock your favourite hoops in tight n secure. Oversized alloy cam levers deliver effortless maximal clamping footprint and spread the load evenly over your precious frame and forks. Spindustrial Revolution patina polish levers look like they’ve been part of your bike since Merckx was eating the competition for breakfast. 

Standard issue on all Spin On These Fat Boy wheels. Made for us by Miche in Italy.

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