SPN Precision Black Aero F50SLA Front 20-Hole 85g


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Chris quality. Lower price. 20 spoke.

Lightweight forged and CNC machined hub shells from billet 100% aerospace aluminium. 

20-hole slotted spoke drilling perfect for performance wheel builds in either 2x, 1x or 0x radial lace patterns.

2 x precision sealed steel bearings from Enduro USA & oversized alloy axles bring the F50SL in at just 85g.

We designed the F50SL for elegance and engineered it for performance. The finely waisted body lends a classic look, whilst the widest flange separation we could fit in delivers very high lateral stiffness at lower spoke tensions than is possible on the more commonly found hub designs that rely on taller but narrowly spaced flanges.

Our spoke holes are drilled tight at 2.4mm dia. Compare this to the more common 2.6 & 2.8mm diameters you’ll find on lesser hubs – deliberately made loose for mass produced & automated machine built wheels. If you’re thinking that extra 0.2mm doesn’t sound like a big deal then you’d be wrong! Tight and secure spoke placement at the hub flange makes a huge difference to both the lifespan & performance of your wheels. 

Compatible with all 2mm round and Sapim CX Ray, DT Aerospeed and DT Aerolite bladed spokes.

The F50SLA has additional machined slots in each spoke hole allowing the use of extreme aero bladed spokes up to 3.2mm wide.

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