Over the years I’ve heard many people claim that building wheels is an art. As someone who has built a few, actually I don’t think it is.

To me, building wheels is entirely mathematics and craft. And when you build to tight tolerances and high tensions, it also gets painful pretty quickly.

If you can count to 4 or 8 and can remember having done so then you can build wheels. If you’re also a stickler for consistency and precision, then after a lot of practice you can begin build really good wheels.

If you’re crazy enough to try and take on the big names by engineering your own component parts and creating a wheel company from scratch in your bikeshed, then you really have my admiration, my sympathy and my full respect.

Otherwise if you’d rather just ride your bike then I simply hope that you’ll enjoy riding my wheels.  But if you haven’t yet tried a pair then I really think you ought to!

Thanks for reading!