For the 2015 season, we’re really pleased that we’ve been able to significantly step up our support of women’s road cycling.

Along with Flanders based road racer Dani Christmas we’re delighted that the superfast ladies of Team Velosport Montegrappa are spinning our X-Series carbon Fat Boys at elite women’s races across the continent and back at home in the UK. 

Today it’s our pleasure to sit down with Jenny Crouch in the first of our introductions to the girls who make up the team.

Jenny before the start of Le Samyn des Dames

Jenny, please introduce yourself to our two followers on twitter and to everyone else who’s interested in women’s cycling.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Crouch. I’m 27 and a financial controller for an investment management company – it’s not hugely
exciting but it pays the bills! Luckily my boss is a keen cyclist so they’re
quite lenient when it comes to my cycling.

Chapeau Jenny’s boss!  So what was it that got you into racing your bike?

It was actually an ex-boyfriend, who rides for my
club London Dynamo. I started cycling to work in 2012, then joined the club and
started racing in 2013 and simply haven’t looked back since! 

It’s been quite a steep
learning curve to go from racing as a 4th cat in local crits to racing against
the proper pros in 2 years, but it’s been so much fun.

Can you tell us, who is your favourite road racer of all time and why?

I think it has to be Ian Stannard, especially after
his recent Omloop performance. He’s not the most famous name on the Sky roster
but he’s hard as nails and gives his all when it counts.

I like your thinking!  In fact, Ian went to school with our tame racing driver Chris Dymond.  They used to copy each others’ maths homework so Chris tells me.  I might even be able to wangle you an introduction…

But I’ve got something much more important that I need to find out about you.  You see, when I’m allowed out for a spin on my local lanes, I usually pretend to be Jan Raas. Or sometimes it might be Gerrie Knetemann. 

So Jenny, what I’d really like to know is this: when you attack the bunch, who is it that you think you are?

To be honest, I’m just me. That said, I did find
myself channeling my inner Stannard when I was bumping over the cobbles at Le

Spring Classics - Jenny powers the peloton

Fantastic! I find it really does help, particularly when the going gets tough. 

So Jenny, what has been your proudest cycling moment so far?

Previously I would have said being voted ‘female
cyclist of the year’ at my club awards. However, standing on the stage at Le
Samyn with my new team reflecting on how I’d ended up there was a pretty
special moment.

I bet. Now, I think everyone would really like to know this: what is it you like most about working with those crazy old guys at Spin?

First and foremost, it’s wonderful to be working
with a sponsor who has such enthusiasm both for the team and women’s racing as
a whole. 

It’s also great to know that through our efforts in races and the
results we achieve that we can help build the profile of the Spin brand. That is very motivating.

Team presentation Lotto Cycling Cup!

Thank you Jenny.  We really appreciate that.  

Now, looking to the future, where do you want your bike to take you? Or put
another way, where do you want to take your bike?

I think because the level at which I’m racing keeps
stepping up so drastically year on year, at the moment my ambition is to find
my feet at the next step up.

I want to contribute to team victories and will
hopefully add a few more of my own, but because I’ve never raced at this level before, it’s hard to define a specific ambition beyond simply doing the best I
possibly can.

Jenny and team mate Amy Brice warm up

OK I think I’ve taken up enough of your valuable training time, so just one more question. 

Apart from racing, what else is there?

Well, as we head into the season, my
cycling can be really quite all-consuming.  My boyfriend however isn’t involved in
cycling at all, so at least I don’t have to talk bike all the time! 

When I was
younger I used to ride horses competitively, and that’s something I’d like to
go back to one day. 

Thank you very much Jenny. It only remains for me to wish you the best of luck and the greatest of legs this season.  

You can follow Jenny on her racing exploits on twitter, where you can also follow the team the Team