Our deep-felt congratulations go to every member of the Askey Family whose tireless support has helped Lewis Askey to become British CX Champion 2015. 

Since becoming wheel sponsor to Lewis and younger brother Ben last year, these bolts of lightning from Lichfield have kept us on our toes. They’ve won countless individual cross races and both took their regional league titles with what looked to us like consummate ease. And despite a ton of bad luck, Lewis managed to finish runner up to Ben Tulett in the National Trophy series.

Tulett was understandably the hot favourite to take the U14 boys national title this weekend, held in difficult and blustery conditions in Abergavenny, Wales. But we knew that above all, Lewis likes to win.  That is after all why we equipped him with his very own pair of custom Koppenstoppers.  So when I tuned in to the twittersphere around midday this last Saturday I had a strong feeling things would go his way. 

And that they most certainly did. Mum Michelle sent us her report from a windy and slippery trackside:

“Ben Tulett took the early lead with Lewis and Harry Birchill hot on his tail. However Harry nearly took Lewis out, losing his front wheel on a slippery corner. Only quick reactions saved Lewis and he was quickly back onto Ben’s wheel and passed him for the lead. And this was just Lap One!”

The fierce race-long pace that Lewis then set allowed him to stay clear of his chasers but soon ripped the field to shreds. At least the commentating team’s job in tracking Lewis through the melee of lapped riders was made a little easier thanks to the custom fluoro graphics we’d made for him.  

By the last lap Lewis was out of all his chasers’ sights and soloed home to take the title with no-one else in the photo!